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Are you ready for sea adventures? It's time to pack your bag and visit one of the best summer destinations in Europe. Being part of a beautiful archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta offers a crazy new experience for all boat and yacht lovers. Even though this is one of the smallest countries in Europe, here you can enjoy the biggest adventure in your life.If you are dreaming of a summer paradise where you can enjoy sailing and gain new amazing experience, grab your boat, and visit Malta. For those of you who don't own one, don't worry because the country has hundreds of yacht and boat charters, offering many different models, which can fit every pocket. If you are seeking a thrilling boating adventure in the Mediterranean Sea, visiting Malta may be the best place for you! Check the top 3 sailing destinations everyone loves there!

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Maltese Coast (5 days) itinerary

Maltese Coast (5 days)


St. Peter’s Pool

Popeye Village

Blue Lagoon

Xlendi Tower

Dwejra Bay

Ramla Bay

Santa Maria Caves

Mellieha Bay


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The Blue Lagoon

Often called "Heaven," the Blue Lagoon is a beautiful sacred place between Cominotto and the main island. It is a fantastic shallow bay with crystal clear azure water, where you can enjoy unforgettable boat trips and many adventures. Around the bay, you will find a few yacht charters, from which you can rent a boat for a day or for the whole week. Sailing around the Blue Lagoon and the nearby islands will reveal you Malta's gorgeous beauty, which cannot be compared to any other place in the world.Because the area is rock-bound, you can find rock hills in the water, from which you can jump and dive into the azure sea. During your boat trip, you will discover naturally craved tunnels in the rocks, leading to hidden sacred parts of the bay. If you have a scuba diving equipment, don't forget to take it! There you can anchor the boat for a while and take a dive into the colorful underwater beauty of the bay.The boat rentals in the bay are organizing boat ferry trips for the big groups almost every day. They offer full-day trips around the archipelago and most of the times, food and drinks are included in the price, so you don't have to think about anything, but enjoying the day.

The Dwejra Bay, Gozo

Gozo is another large island in the Maltese archipelago, located south of Sicily. On its territory, you can find the gorgeous Dwejra Bay, which is famous for its astonishing naturally created rock formation called the Azure Window- it was one of the island's major tourist attractions until it collapsed in stormy weather in 2017. Its unforgettable view remains in every sailor's heart, reminding that the greatest compositor on Earth will always be Nature.Dwerja Bay is the perfect place for having a relaxing sea trip with two and four-seater boats or canoes. This is the reason why the boat charters there mainly offer small boats for no more than 10 people. The water in the bay is very calm and peaceful thanks to the big rocks surrounding it. One of the most exciting parts of the bay is the naturally created tunnel in the rocks that can be passed only with smaller boats. The tunnel leads to the astonishing sacred parts that will captivate your heart with its gorgeous beauty. There you can anchor your boat quickly and dive into the beautiful underwater marine life or just relax under the hot sun.You can find a few yacht charters around the bay, which organize daily trips to the most beautiful parts of Malta. Also, those who already know the area can rent a boat and create their own sea trip, visiting the places they have fallen in love with. Thanks to its calm waters, Dwerja Bay is the perfect location for those of you who have inflatable canoes and boats.

St Peter's Pool, Marsaxlokk

If you are going to Marsaxlokk, visiting St Peter's Pool is a must. It is another naturally created paradise, ideal for relaxing under the sun and having a fun boat trip around the island. The pool is located south of Malta and is part of the nearby village Marsaxlokk. Compared to other destinations, St Peter's Pool is smaller, but its beauty is astonishing.You can reach the pool by car or by boat, but keep in mind that there aren't any boat rentals nearby and if you want to experience a boating adventure, you have to rent a boat from the nearest yacht charters just a few kilometers away. Having an inflatable boat for this place is an advantage because you can experience the full potential of the pool without paying a single dollar.The structure of St Peter's Pool remains of a naturally created terrace from which you can jump right into the azure water. Including this spot as part of your boat trip will definitely leave you great memories you will never forget.

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