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Sunsets, Boulevards & Cinematic Atmosphere

Hot beaches, clear waters, and a city with a population of more than 4 million people – this is only a small part of the magical charm of Los Angeles. If you are a boatman, who loves sailing, modern yachts, and wild nightlife – visiting L.A. as your next sailing destination will be one of your best decisions! On the beachside are located many new yacht charters, offering lots of opportunities for marine journeys. No matter if you prefer calm trips near the shores or whole day journeys in the deep water, you can find it all in Los Angeles. Here is also where the famous Hollywood neighborhood is located, and where you can find unforgettable nightlife entertainments and experience the atmosphere in the best clubs in the state. Are you excited to find out more? Check out the top 3 sailing destinations in L.A. and what kinds of entertainment they can offer!

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Long Beach – Santa Catalina (4 days) itinerary

Long Beach – Santa Catalina (4 days)

Long Beach

Two Harbors

Shark Harbor


Long Beach

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Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most popular places in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is located on the Pacific Coast and has length more than 3mi. This fantastic destination is perfect for all kind of sailing adventures, beach games, and water sports. There one can find some high-class yacht charters, from which you can rent a boat and start your journey. You can start your trip from Queensway Bay and sail to the end of the beachside. During the adventure, you can enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful architectures around the beaches. Also, you can always anchor the boat and visit the nearby restaurants where you can try the tasty food and refresh yourself for another trip. The Long Beach waters are excellent for kayak trips, boat trips, or even big yachts.

Santa Monica

Even though it has the size of a neighborhood, Santa Monica is a small beachfront town in western Los Angeles County. If you love peaceful sailing trips near the coast and many beach entertainments – this is the right place for you! Here you will find some gorgeous boat charters, amusement park, and many beach bars. If you are part of a big group of sailors, you can rent a boat and sail around the hot beaches near Santa Monica. Here you can anchor for a while and take part in the crazy beach activities. Also if you want to experience high-level beach entertainments, you can visit Santa Monica Pier where you can enjoy the majestic view from the Ferris wheel. In case you are in a mood for a longer trip, you can rent a big yacht and sail to Santa Rosa Island, which is 60 mi away from Santa Monica. There you will be surprised by the sacred parts of the island, representing an untouched by men natural beauty.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is a gorgeous island located almost 30mi away from the shores of Long Beach. It is the best place for boatmen who love sailing through crystal clear azure waters, surrounding shores with beautiful sacred nature. There you will find several boat rentals, from which you can rent a boat or participate in some of the cruises, organized by them. You can start your journey from Avalon Bay, which is located on the east side of the island and explore the nearby area. If you are in the mood for a longer trip, you can sail from Avalon Bay to White Cove, where you can anchor the boat and visit the local bars and restaurants. Also, the beaches of Santa Catalina are perfect for kayaking and water sports too. No matter what kind of sailing adventures you prefer, you will never get out of possibilities in Santa Catalina. Are you already excited to visit Los Angeles? Wait no more and pack your bags!

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