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It's summertime, and you still haven't been on a sailing adventure? Wait no more and visit Jamaica – unique island in the Caribbean Sea with lovely nature and exciting culture. This is the best place for boatmen who are dreaming of hot weather, fun moments, and a little sense of mystery during the sailing trips. The island is full of yacht charters, where you can rent a boat, so you don't even have to bring your own. Of course, if you have a small inflatable boat or kayak – you can always take them with you because Jamaica is the perfect sailing destination for both big and small boats. Are you ready for a stunning journey you will never forget? Pack your stuff and visit Jamaica! Check out our top 3 sailing destinations on the island!

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Montego – Black River (3days) itinerary

Montego – Black River (3days)

Montego Bay


Ferris Cross Beach

Black River

Coral Beach

Montego Bay

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The Black River

This is the second longest river in Jamaica and is almost 34 km long. Around it live more than 100 species of birds, but not only. It is essential to know that the Black River is home of a few crocodile species too, so swimming is strictly forbidden. If you are brave enough to sail in this river, you can rent a boat from the boat charters nearby and experience a fantastic journey around the beautiful nature of the island. For those of you who love to spend some time fishing during their sailing adventure – this is the perfect place for this. Just remember to choose a bigger boat that cannot be damaged by a crocodile.The river reaches the Caribbean Sea on the eastern edge of the town of Black River and merges with it in the Black River Bay. There you can find high-level yacht charters, from which you can choose a modern yacht and sail with the dolphins who live near the bay. The amazing experience of sailing with these lovely creatures will leave you with memories you will never forget! You can even go diving with the dolphins and capture this beautiful moment with underwater photography, organized by the locals.

The Luminous Lagoon

Located all the way down from Trelawny to Falmouth, The Luminous Lagoon is a magical place, which is a must-see destination. Many cruises go through it, but the best option for the experienced boatmen is to find a suitable boat charter and rent a boat or kayak on their own. The disadvantages of the cruises there are that they are just 30-40 minutes long and you are not allowed to take photos with your personal device. Renting a boat will definitely make your journey better, and you can experience the maximum of this mystical trip in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Montego Bay

Located on the south-west side of Jamaica, Montego Bay has lots of entertainment to offer. Although there are boat rentals with luxurious modern boats, you can receive a whole new level of sailing experience … with horses! That's right. The locals who live around the Montego Bay have trained some of their horses for water ridings. As some of them say, "These are the Jamaican jet ski." The journey is absolutely safe and is a fantastic thing that you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. When you are ready to come back to the traditional methods of sailing, the Montego's boat charters can offer you beautiful boats and yachts that can always fit your needs. If you are a lover of the long sailing journeys in the "deep water," Montego Bay is perfect for you too. Only 240 km away from it is located Cayman Brac – one of the three Cayman Islands. Hiring a bigger yacht, which can reach a speed of 40 km/h will be excellent for this 6 hour trip in one direction. Also, thanks to its crystal clear water, the bay can offer magical scuba diving experience too. No matter what kind of sailing adventures you prefer, visiting this gorgeous destination will lead you to unforgettable moments and lots of joy!These were the top 3 sailing locations in Jamaica that every boatman loves. Are you excited to visit some of them? It's time to pack your backs and experience the magical spirit of Jamaica!

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