Iconic food, wine and coastline

Italy's fortes extend beyond its galleries, fashion shops, and dining rooms. The country is one of nature's jewels, with exceptional natural diversity rivaled by few. From the north's freezing Alps and glacial lakes to the south's fiery craters and turquoise caves, it's a spot for doing as well as seeing. One day you're cutting down Courmayeur's powdery slopes, the next you could be racing across the marshes of the Maremma, or diving in coral-studded Campanian waters. Pretty good for a country not much bigger than Arizona.

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Sailing Sardinia (4days) itinerary

Sailing Sardinia (4days)


Poltu Quatu

Porto Cervo

Porto Palma, Caprera

Cala Gavetta, La Maddalena

Cala Corsara, Spargi



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Gorgeously suspended between the blue sky and the bright coloured sea, the Amalfi coast seems to come from the palette of an artist who wanted to use the warmer colour shades for creating a scenery that enchants the viewer at the first shot, giving breathtaking experience and such reminiscent view to doubt, for a moment, it is true. It is the land where the fresh scent of lemon blossoms blends itself with the most fragrant one of the Mediterranean plants and the acrid perfume of saltiness. Where the dazzling colors of the majolica domes, bougainvillea, and carnations pergolas give an evident colored finish to the typical whitewashed buildings, clinging to the last offshoots of the Lattari Mounts that dive dramatically into the sea.


The sea dominates over this region with its colors that migrate into the coves, along the coasts, towards the shores and the most famous resorts. An example is the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) with Porto Cervo set as its gemstone and combining the history and culture of ancient traditions with a joyous and colorful nightlife. Porto Cervo was named after its enchanting cove that resembles the antlers of a deer; the Old Port is thought the best-equipped touristic port in the Mediterranean Sea. Porto Rotondo is also a famous spot; it overlooks the huge Gulf of Cugnana and is full of villas and piazzas bound by such a spectacular natural environment as this.


The biggest of all Italian islands - Sicily is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina and encircled by the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Seas. Southern Italy's biggest jewel can be found, learned and felt through a series of routes dedicated to areas of interest extending from nature to history and cultures. Life seems to have endowed all its wonders to this land: mountains, hills and above all the sea, with its unbelievable colors, its crystal blue water and the beauty of its seabeds, in no way inferior to those of other places.

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