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How-to-navigate tips about hosting and traveling on a rented boat

Pros and Cons of Renting a BoatPros and Cons of Renting a Boat

Feb 19 2021Boating tips

Are you ready to rent a boat but still have concerns holding you back? We want to help you make up your mind by exploring both the advantages and disadvantages of renting a boat. That way, you can decide if the experience is worth the shot for you and you get to enjoy a boat ride of a lifetime. Sounds good? Let’s go over the specifications and discuss the pros and cons of boat rentals.

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All you need to know before renting a boatAll you need to know before renting a boat

Feb 24 2021Boating tips

Renting a boat is the ultimate way to go on a sailing adventure when you don’t own a private vessel. Indeed, even if buying a boat is not on your to-do list at all, that does not mean you have to stay anchored to the shore for eternity. If a journey on the water sounds like your type of experience, then it’s about time you book the boat of your dreams.

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20 Terms Every Future Sailor Should Know20 Terms Every Future Sailor Should Know

Feb 18 2021Boating tips

Sailing is a fun recreational activity that could easily inspire the inner sailor in you. In an instant, you may find yourself dreaming of a boating life or even considering the option of buying a boat. Whether you want to enjoy a boat rental vacation or join the boat owner club, there are certain seamen slang and terminology you might need to get familiar with. Sounds exciting? Then read on and let’s dive into the depths of sailor terms and vocabulary:

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What Type of Boat Should I Rent?What Type of Boat Should I Rent?

Feb 09 2021Boating tips

Is this your first time renting a boat and not sure what type of boat to choose. Check this quick guide that will help you decide.

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Top 10 Essential Tools for My BoatTop 10 Essential Tools for My Boat

Feb 03 2021Boating tips

Discover the best ten tools every sailor needs to have onboard his boat here.

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Essential Boating Safety Tips for Sailing AloneEssential Boating Safety Tips for Sailing Alone

Jan 28 2021Boating tips

Planning to hoist the sails alone for the first time? This is a must-read for every newbie in sailing!

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How to have a COVID-19 Safe Boating?How to have a COVID-19 Safe Boating?

Feb 08 2021Boating tips

During challenging times like nowadays, health and safety have become a top-priority for all of us while we try to live our lives as before. We've prepared a short how-to guide about safe boating in the following post.

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